Is not like whitewashing a dilapidated building

In these modern times it could be witnessed that the Islamic community is full of inconsistencies and contradictions. Disunity and discord are rampant. Consider the following:

Two groups argue if wearing a cap while praying is Sunnath or Fard. One party claims that covering the body for males from only the belly button up to below knees is Fard, so that he can offer his prayer covering these minimal parts. Some buttress their argument that head gear was worn to protect the scalp from the scorching weather of the desert and therefore is not relevant for other parts of the world that have dissimilar climates.

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Is it preaching only, the Prophet (PBUH) exemplified?

1234578During his tenure of prophetic mission the Final Messenger of Allah presented one thing and sought one thing during his time in Makka. What he sought, Makka refused to give, but Madeena did. Only a handful accepted what he presented, in Makka but as a whole, Makka rejected him and his call and Madeena as a society accepted him wholeheartedly.

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