Is not like whitewashing a dilapidated building

In these modern times it could be witnessed that the Islamic community is full of inconsistencies and contradictions. Disunity and discord are rampant. Consider the following:

Two groups argue if wearing a cap while praying is Sunnath or Fard. One party claims that covering the body for males from only the belly button up to below knees is Fard, so that he can offer his prayer covering these minimal parts. Some buttress their argument that head gear was worn to protect the scalp from the scorching weather of the desert and therefore is not relevant for other parts of the world that have dissimilar climates.

Then one asks could every one come to the mosque attired from knee to naval like primitive humans of the stone age and if so how a place of worship would look like!

And there was a person who delivered an explosive and spicy lecture which spanned late into the night on the importance of Salat, during an Islamic celebration of some kind, was not to be seen in the mosque on the following day Fajr prayer!

The person who quotes Al Hadeeth that we should not stand up when a person enters the place where we sit, suddenly springs up to an erect position when a prominent -and even a not so prominent- politician enters!

The person who claims to be a fervent believer and a true slave of Allah also brags that the blood in his veins is green or blue to express his adherence to a particular political party!

The Muslim who once put a piece of pork into his mouth unaware and spat it out when he came to know what it was and who keeps on spitting whenever he recalls the despicable mishap, effortlessly devours the property belonging to another person! He has different definition for Haram in his Islamic vocabulary. So it seems.

The person who relentlessly talks about communal harmony hires thugs to beat members of an Islamic movement which he does not subscribe to!

In this manner, there is contradiction in what Muslims say and do. Many topics and basic matters of Islam have been either forgotten or they are distorted nowadays. What is more, they have become reason for Muslims to clash with one another.

Islam, which in fact is a colorful garden of exotic fruits of wisdom, today has been made to look like a dull desert of thorny bushes or a dogma that is full of difficult and impractical demands, laws and regulations.

Consistent with a Holy Verse that says:

And indeed We have put forth every kind of example in this Qur’an, for mankind. But, man is ever more quarrelsome than anything (Al Kahf:54)

Modern day Muslims spend more time arguing over a given enjoinment rather than worrying about its practising aspect thus making the noble religion lose its appeal and attraction to the others.

We should understand that teaching and learning Islamic Fiqh legislation is not alone sufficient to grasp and understand the practicality and the nobility of Islam. It is not possible to change a community by legislation, when it doe not have principles. Allah sends forth His orders to a community only when its mentality and attitude becomes receptive, obedient and submissive to Allah.

Islamic history asserts that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not ram laws down the throats of people when their hearts were not prepared to accept them. He cultivated faith in their hearts for 13 years before an enjoinment of Salath came.

First the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), as ordained by the Almighty strove over a decade among believers to firmly engrain the fear of Allah into their hearts during the period in Madeena. Laws such as Salat, Zakat, Fasting, and Hajj started to come from Allah only after an upright community of compliance was established.

What do we really need? People should become true believers who do whatever they do for the Hereafter and they should be prepared to sacrifice their wealth, skills and even the dear lives for the principles of Islam and for the pleasure of Allah.

Today’s efforts do not call Muslims towards its clear principles. It invites people only toward certain rituals and towards some regulations. Some people have been transformed into extremists who ardently hang onto few aspects of Islam and who are kept blind about the many important basics of Islam. More often than not, these kinds of people even lack social niceties too due to their diehard and calloused attitude.

Muslims should realize that Islam is not a slender ray of light that intermittently links in the darkness. It is the glorious light of humanity. A bright sun of salvation that would help man lead a peaceful and happy life in this world and guide him to the eternal bliss in the Hereafter.

If we look back at the history of Islam we would see how it basked in glory during the dark times of ignorance in the City of Makka and Madeena and later on in the region of Hijaz. Subsequently, it enlightened the entire hemisphere and reached the Far East as far as China. Such was its brilliance!

A true Islamic mission should deliver the people totally out of the darkness of every Jahiliya notion and make them totally submissive to Allah. It should make the people totally turn towards the Hereafter as its primary objective. Islamic mission should not be just renovation work on a building falling apart. First and foremost the base of the constriction should be reinforced.

We should determine to strive exactly as our beloved Prophet (PBUH) taught us to strive for the upholding of Allah’s noble Dheen.

Usthaz Rasheed Hajjul Akbar

Ameer, Sri Lanka Jama’athe Islami